Meet The Consultant… With Rose Bertie

In our new series we are turning the spotlight internally, to the Hanson Search Consultant Team. From our offices in London, Europe, UAE and US, our team of expert consultants source the best talent globally – from PR pros to digital marketing experts and beyond. This blog is where the team will share their journey into recruitment, share insights and trends on their markets and give advice to both employers and candidates.

We kick off with Rose Bertie. Rose joined Hanson Search in 2021 as an associate consultant. Working to source candidates at the executive level, Rose specialises in financial comms and corporate financial services whilst building strong client and candidate relationships. Having previously worked as an interior designer, she managed projects from concept to completion. Rose graduated from Oxford Brookes University and KLC School of Design.

Rose Bertie

How did you get into Executive Search?

I had started my career in London in 2016 as an interior designer, having always done creative subjects at uni. I loved it – however during the pandemic the work got thin on the ground, and I began freelancing. This worked for a while, but not only did I end up getting lonely working alone all day (as unattractive as it sounds) I needed to make some money. I sensed a career change on the horizon. I called my friend Daisy (Senior Consultant at Hanson Search) to see if she could help me find a job. As we got chatting, she asked if I had ever thought about executive search. In all honesty I hadn’t, but as we spoke more, I knew it was something I needed to explore. Talking on the phone – meeting people – putting people together – sign me up! I met with the lovely Alice (Hanson Search CEO) and had an interesting chat where she covered the ins and outs of the job and what it took. After that, I knew it was something I wanted to get into. After meeting with some more of the team, I was offered the position as Associate Consultant and started in Nov 2021…the rest is history!

Can you tell us a little about your current role?

I sit in the Corporate Affairs and Finance team, and specialise in Corp Comms/ Financial Services and Financial PR. I am currently placing Account Executives to Associate Directors. I take a full job brief from the client (this is usually over a Teams, but I am trying to make more face to face) then go out to market. I start by market mapping around the company then reaching out to relevant candidates. Mainly over LinkedIn, but more and more I am going to existing candidates I have already spoken to and built up a relationship with. Every week I try to go out for coffees with 3-4 candidates – meeting face to face is just so much better, and how can you confidently send someone to a client if you haven’t met them!

What talent challenges/trends is the agency industry are you currently seeing?

We are continuing to see mid-level candidates leave agency side to take on inhouse roles – now at that level demand is big. I must mention ESG and sustainability – this is at the forefront of everything, and more and more candidates are wanting positions with an ESG focus/slant a demand for those purpose led campaigns.

As the war on talent continues, what techniques have you seen businesses operating in industry use to attract and retain talent?

The flexible/hybrid working piece is huge, and I think it’s here to stay. I think a real benefit is having a central day or two in the office, where all the team is together and then flexible the other days with the option to work-from-home or in the office – knowing that your employer has the trust in you. I do also think regular appraisals and salary reviews are important. For new hires, knowing that there is scope to grow, and they won’t be stuck in a position is very attractive.

What one piece of advice would you give to agency Financial Services hirers?

Get your new hires immediately onto client work, show them you value them from the off and give them a level of responsibility (where appropriate).

How can companies within Corp Comms/Financial Services benefit from working with a recruiter for their talent hiring process? 

We have the whole market in front of us daily. More than likely, we will have spoken to candidates recently who might be right for the role. This can save time for you, and we only pass over profiles of people who are already interested and looking to move!

Where do you recommend candidates look for opportunities in light of a potential economic downturn – inhouse v agency?

One of the great things in covering both agency and inhouse roles is the ability to pivot with market conditions. In our experience agency life manages to “carry on as normal” whereas inhouse roles are often paused in times of flux a sort of ‘batten down the hatches approach’ ensues. Agencies are leant on by clients for both internal and external comms – from communicating with various stakeholders and employee engagement, to navigating the current climate.

As someone who took a career change into Executive Search, what advice would you give someone looking to explore recruitment?

I would say I never looked back. Part of this is to do with the job, I genuinely love the work I am doing, but also the team at Hanson Search. They have helped me to grow my confidence in Executive Search. It takes resilience, perseverance and not taking no for answer – but if talking to people and building relationships is what you love – then go for it! You never know unless you try.

If you’re looking for a new role or a new hire within Corp Comms, Financial Services and Financial PR, then don’t hesitate to contact Rose here.

Posted on 21.10.2022

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