Introducing our International Team

Growing your business overseas isn't just about product evaluation, go-to-market  strategies, and office space - it's about having the right talent to advocate your brand and lead its success.

Finding the right professionals to support your business' growth or lead a new expansion can make all the difference. High quality, skilled professionals can introduce, reintroduce or build your business overseas, steer regional objectives, enhance your global reach, and help create a holistic team structure.

At Hanson Search, we work with businesses around the world looking for talent in their own region, or talent in territories outside their HQ.

Whether you're interested in overseas expansion, or simply looking to grow the offices you already have up and running, here's how our international team works with businesses just like yours to find perfect candidates across dozens of territories, and make your international business a reality.

Getting to the core of the market

The talent market can differ vastly across industries, roles, and of course, regions. Lacking information about the market is a common challenge for businesses expanding overseas, but that doesn't mean it has to be a barrier.

Remuneration is a prime example of how our in-depth knowledge and tactical support come together to find the very best candidates. Knowing how a 'competitive salary' translates in your region and for your industry is the difference between securing excellent talent at rates within your financial sustainability, and compromising - on all accounts.

For the international team, detailed insights is where we thrive. We have decades' worth of experience in regions across US, Europe, Middle East and beyond, and our data findings closely examine average salary rates for various roles, at various seniorities, in multiple countries. Helping you determine what leading remuneration looks like, and gaining access to the right talent pool.

Plus, our insights are updated annually for an accurate view of how the market may have changed - meaning you're better equipped during potential salary negotiations.

Benefits packages are also an area we can help you better understand - and one that can have the most drastic differences.

For example, if you're a founder in the US and looking to build out a senior team at your German HQ, you may not be as familiar with benefit priorities. Unlike in the US, parental leave is typically a higher priority for the German workforce, and many professionals will be looking for a healthy allocation of leave.

Pension contributions are also more of a priority in some regions than others, such as France, and the amount of paid leave tends to be higher across European countries than it is across the USA.

These details really can make or break your talent search.

Understanding cultural needs

When it comes to meeting with clients or prospects, business leaders are well acquainted with the need to respect and honour different cultures; it's the same principle for your workforce.

If you're based in the UAE and looking to grow your US presence in New York offices, you'll be looking at candidates with demonstrable experience in your sector. But it's likely you'll also be on the hunt for talent based in or near your NY offices, someone who will be able to effectively communicate with regional customers, with a strong understanding of that territory's market and more.

Just as you'll need to understand state and national employment laws, it's equally as important to prioritise professional and personal culture.

In New York, work culture can be more demanding, and have less flexibility than some other regions. Thanksgiving is perceived as one of the more important US holidays, and will often be accompanied by annual leave for a longer weekend. Talent may also expect to be in the office for the majority of their work week, unlike professionals in some other regions.

It's important to note that these examples are a generalised view of NY American professionalism, and individual candidates will have their unique priorities. But the basis of creating harmonious working, and a local workforce that's aligned to your brand is mutual understanding and respect.

Multi-regional teams for multi-regional requirements

We’re proud to have team members from different regions, in different regions. Our recruitment specialists and advisors are based all over the world, understanding the ins and outs of regional markets, its demands, and considerations unique to the territory.

Importantly, our teams work closely together on cross-regional talent needs for a holistic approach to tailored needs. So if you're looking for support in more than one location, we can seamlessly hand over to another specialist or work in unison to fulfil multiple needs.

We're also dedicated to expanding communication capabilities between our clients and candidates with fluent and native language speakers, and professionals working across different time zones to answer queries in real-time (AKA your time).

And, we can introduce you to some of Hanson Search partners with businesses all over the world - from relocation firms, legal firms, employment lawyers and more.

Global Partner for Global Businesses

Hanson Search works as a talent and workforce partner for brands all around the world, with our regional capabilities spanning across USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

We source some of the most skilled and experienced talent, filling PR and communications roles from mid-level, all the way up to senior management and C-Suite for agencies and inhouse.

So if you're looking for one-off support to build your team, or a cross-regional partner for your international growth, our international team can help.

Where we work:

  • Germany  
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • New York
  • California
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • North Africa
  • UAE

Meet our team of international talent experts here.

Posted on 12.05.2023

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