Future of the Workplace Report 2021!

We recently ran a survey in partnership with MovePlan, to secure industry views on the future of the workplace, which polled over 1,100 respondents (senior executives as well as employees). Please read on for a summary of the findings, and download the full report here.

Businesses are facing an unprecedented set of challenges and at the centre of their thinking is company culture, community, and employee wellbeing. The creation of new working practices that are practical and inclusive, as well as offering an inspiring vision for the future is no easy task to navigate, yet it is undoubtedly one of the most important issues on the business agenda today.

With the war on talent heating up and a noticeable shortage of skills across industry sectors, those that get it right, will be at an advantage. Businesses that move in step with their employees and create an environment where learning, diversity of thought and approach is celebrated rather than stifled, will be on the front foot of attracting the best talent for the future.

This survey has demonstrated some interesting insights and learning for all businesses. There are complex decisions to be made, employees are very polarised on what they perceive as a safe career for the future, some even backing themselves and looking to freelance. Attracting good talent is becoming even more competitive with a brain drain from the industry, as a third of those who responded are looking to change careers, others looking to freelance or work abroad.

This is going to impact businesses, companies need to think about how to attract and retain good talent even more so than before, as throwing money at it is not the answer; people, culture and values are now the priority. Interestingly, businesses are responding and putting employee wellbeing at the heart of their decision-making process.

Businesses are going to need to look at the benefit packages, making them less office focused and much more about adaptable to working from home. The ability to work a few months every year abroad was of interest to employees, which we are already seeing implemented, as well as money towards office set ups.

Flexibility is a clear priority for women, focusing on a flexible working environment and smaller to medium-sized firms that they perceive can offer a more tailored solution. Interesting a considerably high percentage of women, than men missed collaboration with colleagues and both sexes felt productivity had improved with working from home. Communication is going to be key over the next few months as working from home/office policies are developed and adapted, employers need to ensure they are clearly communicated with the workforce – with 1/3 of those surveyed felt that internal communication on the topic wasn’t adequate.

Download the full report now.

Posted on 20.08.2021

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