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Employing the best talent is a prime source of competitive advantage; therefore, finding a partner to search for and secure the right candidate is of paramount importance. From our offices in London, Paris and Dubai, we recruit for our clients at a mid to CEO level.

Every assignment involves understanding the client's business objectives behind the hire, as well as the desired attributes of candidates, to ensure the perfect fit. We tailor our approach depending on the needs of the client, the confidentiality of the role and the seniority of the hire.

We are trained, professional head hunters who use in-depth research skills and tools to source the best people in the market. Our extensive network of ‘hanson friends’ also offers references and referrals. In addition to headhunting individuals, we support our clients in sourcing and approaching smaller businesses open to acquisition.

Our unique approach is a carefully balanced blend of head hunting methods which allow Hanson Search to achieve an outstanding track record in recruitment success.


Trusted partners in communication, we have been sourcing outstanding talent globally for 10 years.


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Hanson Search works with some of the most exciting and well-respected organisations in the UK and internationally. As a result we have a wealth of inspiring candidate opportunities from mid to senior level.



A characteristic of modernity has been the ubiquitous use of tools, and a characteristic of an effective modern individual is someone who can use these tools to their greatest potential.

An attempt at undermining female stereotyping, or a hypocritical marketing scheme?


UNLOCKING POTENTIAL: How to be disability confident and why it’s good business // Tues 23rd Jun 2015
top HR and recruitment minds will meet to discuss how to become confident about employing people with disabilities and how it benefits business. This exclusive event will be hosted by Hanson Search and The Work Crowd in partnership with Disability Confident at The Lansdowne Club, London. Visit Eventbrite to reserve your place.


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Gender Balance Study

Gender Balance Study

A record 13.4% of senior employees think employers are out of touch with working mums and plan to quit the industry in the next two years if employers continue to deny flexible provisions for those wishing to return from maternity leave and maintain negative attitudes.
The comprehensive survey, which interviewed 550 women and men working within communications, revealed:

  • 9.4% of employers felt they had serious reservations about hiring women aged between 30-40 years old fearing they would, at some point, fall pregnant
  • 62% of employees feeling that they will be discriminated against if they were to become pregnant
  • 49.3% of respondents HAVE observed issues or problems among colleagues directly related to their return from maternity leave, such as difficulty with flexible working hours (64.6%), reduction in perceived status (59.9%) and negotiating part-time employment (53.2%)

So what’s the solution for striking a fair balance?

80% of interviewees believe that flexible working is beneficial to both the employer and employee in terms of time management and time efficiency, with 83.8% suggesting it would be good practice for organisations to implement such strategies.

The survey insights and subsequently the findings from a strategy discussion comprising of senior industry heads, have resulted in a formulated code of best practice to include:

  • Creating the Right Company Culture – responsibility of employers to create an open and honest environment to encourage two-way flow discussion, which realistically allows the employee to articulate their future plans before returning back to work
  • Taking Responsibility – imperative that middle to senior management employees who become pregnant inform their employers sooner rather than later to enable an effective transition process
  • Devising a Maternity Comeback Framework – crucial that employees take responsibility for their own ‘outputs’ and effectively and successfully manage their employer’s expectations to everyone’s mutual benefit
  • Reappraising the Legal Situation – employees are entitled to certain family rights. The problem is that many people automatically assume that there are legal pitfalls and issues when there might not be

Alice Weightman, MD of Hanson Search explains, “To help drive positive organisational change, it is critical that momentum continues – not only in helping retain top talent within the workplace but ultimately reducing the gender diversity gap among senior women returning from maternity leave. In doing so, it is imperative that we aim to encourage wider reaching networks and partnerships across like-minded organisations to share experiences/best practices and this will form the context of the Gender Balance Task Force, a central hub/collaborative of key stakeholders which provides a crucial resource/support for both employers and employees alike seeking workable advice and guidance.”


Read the report




Tackling the issues of social and economic diversity

Hanson Search, together with Hanover Communications and the independent charity, UpRising, has launched the PR and Communications programme, UpSkill. The aim of the scheme is to transform PR through diversity.

It is no secret that the PR industry is broadly white and middle class. Awareness of pursuing PR as a career among minority ethnic communities is low. Hanson Search aims to set about changing this at grassroots level.

UpSkill helps ambitious young adults break into the communications industry. It is a tailor-made programme designed to support aspiring individuals interested in a career in PR or Public Affairs and equip them with the essential skills to improve their employment prospects in the sector.
The course, launched in February 2014, will include four interactive workshops delivered by Hanson Search and Hanover.
These sessions will focus on developing the following skills:

  • CV writing
  • Communication skills
  • Interview technique
  • How to network

On completion of the scheme, candidates will receive free membership to the industry body, PRCA, as well as access to all of its online training materials.

Through championing the need for long term cultural change across sectors and providing practical support and training, UpSkill’s aim is that the industry will no longer have to actively seek diversity – it will be there organically.

Hanson Search believes that recruitment into the communications industry should not be subjective but based on merit. Everyone should have access to the training needed to equip them with the required skills for a long and successful career; if there is one sector that should reflect Britain’s society, the communications industry is surely it!


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