Pushing boundaries and promoting better ethics in the industry.

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At Hanson Search, we are working hard to lead the way in addressing changes required in our industries in order to create a better tomorrow for our clients, our candidates, and our people.

Not only do we strive to improve our own business and processes, we are also working to improve the industries in which we recruit. In the last few years, we've focused on diversity initiatives, striving for greater representation at all levels and across all industries. We believe diverse workforces make better workplaces and create better thinking. For us diversity comes in many ways and not just what you see. Therefore, we have partnered with many different social action campaigns and diverse groups so we can have greater thinking and breath of connections. Our Founder Alice Weightman is an honorary member of Global Women in PR, Ambassador to the Ideas Foundation and member of the Disability Confident Campaign.

We recently launched our own Diversity Board to challenge our thinking and that of our clients. Our commitment to the industry is that all long lists and searches will include both genders and BAME candidates.  


Download our Anti- Slavery Policy here.

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Our Initiatives Women of Tomorrow

We need to do more to close the gender gap in the creative industries – to empower women to rise through the ranks without having to navigate an obstacle course along the way. We are proud sponsors of the Women of Tomorrow 2016. 


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Our Initiatives Women in PR Middle East

There are many issues that have come to light regarding women in the PR industry in recent years. The most startling being the under-representation of women in leadership roles, despite the fact that 67% of the industry is composed of females. By launching Women in PR Middle East, we will be able to better address the challenges facing women in the industry in the Middle East.


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Our Initiatives Disability Confident

The term “disability” refers to a huge range of physical, mental and learning impairments that are faced by millions of people. Recent studies show that 1 in 3 people in the communications industry has a mental health condition – twice the rate for the general population. That makes disabilities our business.

We strive for greater inclusion and the removal of barriers preventing disabled people from fulfilling their potential.

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Our Approach

Finding a partner to headhunt and secure the right people for your business is of paramount importance. A carefully selected blend of headhunting methods, tailored for every unique role, allows us to achieve an outstanding track record in recruitment success.

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