Recruiter Awards for Excellence

Last night team Hanson donned their glad rags and set sail (or rather flagged a taxi) to the annual Recruiter Awards being held at The Grosvenor Hotel. Among the serious business of practicing acceptance speeches and limbering up the champagne hands there was some light speculation surrounding our prospective comrades. Having air kissed our way through the Hedgehogs the month before and the PR Week Awards before that; were we prepared to head to overly-firm handshake city? The question of whether small talk would swiftly degenerate to KPIs after half a glass of bubbly was somewhat on my mind as we descended the staircase whist narrowly avoiding treading on and consequently ripping off an excessively long dress train (which to be honest might have livened things up a little pre-emptively). All thoughts were banished, however, as we were faced with an incredible turnout; no seriously, we recruiters really know how to smash it when it comes to awards! As the drinks flowed and comedian Ed Byrne made the crowd howl-definitely saw a tear or two, it quickly became evident that this could definitely get out of hand. However the commendations and awards were swiftly executed – a blessing in disguise as they were somewhat numerous-29 in total! The food was delicious, the atmosphere buzzing and I was sad to pull the Cinderella card at midnight to catch the last tube home. Safe to say Hanson will be back next year and just you try and keep us from winning!

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