How I made it: Mimi Nicklin, RAPP, Omnicom

How I made it featuring Mimi Nicklin, Regional Managing Director MEA, RAPP, Omnicom

Hanson Search steps inside the world of RAPP to interview Mimi Nicklin, Regional Managing Director MEA, for our 'Inspiring Stories' career series.

RAPP is one of Omnicom's most established creative consulting, digital experience and CRM brands. Based in Dubai, Mimi brings passion and inexplicable energy to building ideas and teams in the emerging markets.

A keynote speaker and thought leader, she is an experienced leader who believes in the systematisation of empathetic leadership & influence. Mimi has led brands in Europe, Asia, China, the Middle East and Africa, specialising in the development of local insight and creative activation across markets. She considers leadership to be 100% about serving her team and is avidly committed to creating change for good in the industry.

Mimi shares her advice for making it in the industry and the skills that helped her reach her current role.

How do you start your day?

With a cup of tea and LinkedIn – catching up on everything that has happened in the industry across the world while I’ve been asleep. 

What personal attribute has most helped you succeed in your career?

Definitely empathy – it’s something that I’m really passionate about. The ability to empathise with your teams and authentically connect with, and influence, people is at the core of everything you do as a leader.

What keeps you sane on crazy days?

Whatever task I’m doing, I’m wholly focussed on it –  I never worry about the next thing on the list, because worrying about the next thing won’t help get the current one done any quicker!

Your best career advice for someone who wants to make it in your industry

Hone your ability to listen – with the goal of understanding, not just replying. In my industry our currency is people, so the ability to listen to them is the most important thing.

Describe yourself in three words

Creative, passionate, connected.

Who inspires you?

My dad. He was one of the original advertising leaders in London back in the 70/80s and until today I try and spend my days being a little bit more like him. 

What major challenge have you overcome this year?

Arriving in the region to re-launch a creative business pretty much from scratch was definitely something that kept me up at night! It takes a lot of time and energy to re-build a team but luckily, I managed to surround myself with exceptional talent and together, we’ve come through that now.

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