Hanson Search Charity Fundraising 2013!

For the second year running we have been supporting the Helping Hands project- part of WellChild. From last year’s making your own sushi, three legged races, clothes sales and CSI: Crime Scene Investigations we decided to step up the challenges for 2013! Week one saw a Carnival arrive at Hanson HQ! With a ring master, coconut throwing, apple bobbing and horse racing it soon turned into cheering on the Hanson Version of the Grand National! Week Two= Olly VS Food. Think I’m a Celebrity food tasks mixed with Man Vs Food. Hard to imagine? Ok well, round one was a nice an easy starter of four different chillies- no liquid allowed! Round two saw it step up a slight notch – cooked fish eyes ! Now Olly doesn’t have the strongest stomach- well actually everyone would agree he has the weakest out of the lots of us! With the bucket prepared next to him, his ashen face drained of all colour and his eyes popping out of his head, it took him a few minutes of constant cajoling and encouragement before he popped them in his mouth- followed by a delightful few minutes of chewing! Once those eyes were behind him (or should I say in him?) He turned his attention to the yummy lamb’s heart placed in front of him. With a knife and fork at the ready it looked like he was settling in for the main course! Washed down with a swig of beer and endless gagging, Olly conquered Round three! The whole company turned their attention to Round four- the piece de resistance! Eating a live locust! One of his biggest fears in life, the pictures of Olly’s face are literally priceless! The air filled with “Absolutely not’s” and stammering but finally, with the help of Nick, who pulled the locust apart, the locust ended up in Olly’s tummy! Week three went for a slightly different feel to Olly Vs Food- the theme was Club Tropicana! From Hawaiian Shirts, homemade crispy cakes hand wrapped with name tags to cocktails and a Wham! Soundtrack to Friday afternoon we celebrated with cocktails and Karaoke! Put into pairs, we did battle -Payments of £2 for losing, the stakes were upped! We discovered the true singers and the true tuneless at Hanson before a final company- wide sing a long! In week four Hanson Search returned to University Fresher’s Week! Second Hand book sales, muffins and slouchy hoodies all made Friday feel like a return to not knowing/caring what day of the week it was! Friday afternoon saw Fresher’s Night begin! There was alcohol ping pong, limbo and the dangerous Cereal box challenge which saw new heights of competition reach Hanson! From Nick’s change into special stretchy trousers trousers to the, shall we say… interesting crouching positions, it proved the most competitive and the hardest challenge of the day! Not to mention the pain we were all in for days afterwards!

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