Marketing & communications salary guide

From a combination of market research, our large database of professionals, and aggregated data from our expert consultants, we’ve compiled our latest and most comprehensive marketing and communications salary guide to date. 

The Hanson Search Salary Guide 2024 will help you understand up-to-date hiring trends across all areas of marketing and communications. It includes remuneration tables across agency and in-house roles, remuneration trends, benefits overview & trends, as well as insights around culture and job satisfaction. 

Download the salary guide today to plan your budgets, benchmark salaries, or better gauge your own market value in preparation for your next appraisal or job search. 

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Diversity & Inclusion Changing the face of the PR & Communications industry

If you’re interested in a career in PR and Communications, we have sign posted below some information that can help you along your journey as well as some useful links for employers.

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