WEBINAR: COVID-19 and the changing landscape of Internal Communications

WEBINAR: COVID-19 and the changing landscape of Internal Communications

Hanson Search will be hosting a webinar to discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on the perception of internal communications and the importance of effective communications by the C-suite.    

The rapid spread of COVID-19, has led to shifts in the way communications is practiced across all industries and sectors. During this time of crisis, internal communications teams are working 24/7 to help manage the internal message for brands, counsel senior leaders, support employees and boost morale.

Internal communications was on the rise before the pandemic, but the discipline was still undervalued in many organisations. However, with employees worried about their jobs and their health and in need of information and reassurance, the COVID-19 emergency has forced leaders to be visible and to recognise the need to communicate with their employee base with the appropriate cadence and tone.

We will be closely examining the current challenges faced by leaders and internal communications practitioners, discussing who is getting it right, and asking how much of this newly emerged importance on internal communications and employee engagement is here to stay. Is this the coming of age for internal communications?

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 3rd June at 9.00am BST.  Hosted by Alice Weightman CEO of Hanson Search and The Work Crowd,  and Jenny Waters Senior Consultant and Internal Communications recruitment expert at Hanson Search.

Our international panellists:

  • Rupert Young, Senior Partner at Brunswick Gulf, UAE
  • Kerry Irwin, Director of Communications EMEAR at Tetra Pak, Germany
  • Sarah Howe, Independent Director of Communications and Board Adviser, UK


We will discuss the following:

  • How has the COVID-19 experience evolved and improved the reputation of internal communications?
  • Employees are now being put above all else (including profit, customers and strategy) – is this trend here to stay?
  • What has been the role of leaders in the shift towards more human communications?
  • How do businesses begin to prepare to bring employees back to work, and how should this process be communicated?
  • Key takeaways on effective internal communications
  • How to build an effective internal communications team and the relationship with external communications



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