Brussels Salary and Benefits Survey 2024

We are excited to release our Brussels Salary Survey, covering salaries and benefits for Public Affairs roles in Brussels.

Salaries can be tricky to firmly grasp. It can be difficult for businesses to understand what they should be offering, and equally difficult for candidates to know what they should accept. We seek to make salaries and salary processes a bit more transparent for both sides.

Our salary guide focuses specifically on Public Affairs roles, though our data is comprehensive enough that people in other sectors and roles should be able to use our findings to help them roughly benchmark their own figures.

2023 was a big year for consultancies, with many consultancies expanding their reach and developing new areas. Alongside this, many international trade associations and organisations made their first moves in the EU bubble. Couple this with the various elections, both within multiple nations and the EU itself, and it’s clear that being on the front lines of EU decision-making has never been more important.

As headhunters and recruiters, we’ve noticed a big increase in hiring roles focused on sustainability. Amidst new EU regulations and the Green Deal, many businesses are actively seeking out professionals with expertise in sustainable development. Policy and regulatory professionals across sectors such as business consulting, communications, public affairs, and government relations are all hot ticket items, for which we can only see demand increasing as the year goes on.

Whether you’re looking to hire a candidate to fulfil your Public Affairs needs, or if you’re planning your next career move, get in touch with us today.

For now, to get our comprehensive findings on Brussels’ salaries, benefits, and work culture, download our Brussels Salary Survey here.

Posted on 18.04.2024

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