Hanson Search is now a Carbon Neutral Business!

The effects of climate change have been detected worldwide and the importance of reducing our carbon footprint to reverse the damage is now imperative. Hanson Search has partnered with Ecologi to become a carbon neutral business, this means the carbon emissions caused by Hanson Search and our staff are balanced out by funding an equivalent amount of climate projects elsewhere in the world.

Launching in September, Hanson Search has planted 322 trees in our first month, as part of Mangrove Planting in Madagascar and reforestation projects in Mozambique.

We have so far offset 22.96 tonnes of CO2e. Below you can find out more about the projects we are supporting:

We will continue to update with our progress and projects, or find out more: https://ecologi.com/hansonsearch

Posted on 20.10.2021

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