International Confex Exhibition

Prepped with my entry badge and an over-priced cup of tea I entered the Confex Exhibition with an open mind. Within five minutes I was laden with more carrier bags and brochures than was feasible – especially when also balancing said tea and trying not to shower the entry stewards with business cards whilst trying to retrieve my pass- a piece of multi tasking genius! This obstacle overcome, I began the epic adventure of locating the brand experience arena. This may sound easy, especially judging by the number of those on hand to shepherd lost event sheep to their rightful destinations and the signs-on-mass! Mission accomplished I entered one of the many lecture theatres dotted around the arena to accommodate speakers away from the hubbub of the main event. Without a doubt I was completely bowled over by the intelligently crafted and brilliantly delivered session by RPM. Not only was it engaging but it was jargon free: a treat by all accounts. It was a fantastic opportunity to understand the strategic decisions behind some of the best work in the experiential business and for a moment I felt as if I were the CEO of Diageo! This was followed by an equally impressive presentation by TRO on their Lucozade festival activation. For many festival goers – I included; being handed a free bottle of cold lucozade is a total accidental win especially following three hours sleep and the dread of queuing in the sun to buy a drink. What surprised me was the thought that goes in to this; the strategic planning of this sampling the where and when and who to. In fact it is no accident that at the lowest point of your festival experience when your head is throbbing, your feet are tired and the worst band is playing – that some bright eyed and smiling brand ambassador is coming to your rescue with the perfect product to save the day. I left this talk more than a little enlightened about their work and perhaps a little lamenting the fact that I hadn’t been handed my own pair of ‘Lucoshades’. All in all it was a fantastic insight to some of the major players and their creative genius. I would not hesitate to go back again.

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