What next for organic social? Evaluating the role for editorial content & social channels

What next for organic social?

Evaluating the role and outlook for editorial vs paid content and the communities that are built around social channels

 Hanson Search Threepipe Webinar

While the CV19 pandemic has significantly affected all aspects of our lives, the way we interact with brands and retail has been pushed even further into digital spaces and away from physical interactions.

This has presented myriad challenges for brands in how to better reach, transact, and service customers without physical touchpoints, or for brands who were already devolved from the high street, how to stand out in an increasingly crowded space.

Hanson Search and Threepipe Reply hosted a panel event on 4th March 2021to discuss the outlook for organic social, how to drive efficiencies alongside performance activity, the questions brands should be asking of their editorial content outputs and how to uncover some of the best practices to ensure you have effective and well managed channels that will bolster your customer journey for the foreseeable future.

In the discussion we explored the following:

  • Consumer trends that have implications for how brands build their content ecosystems
  • How the traditional model of content pipeline generation is changing
  • Why keeping your organic and performance social teams close is important
  • A simple health checklist you can run with your brand channels to ensure you’re optimising your content touchpoints


Jim Hawker, Founder of Threepipe Reply, chaired the panel event, featuring:

  • George Cathcart, Social Lead at Threepipe Reply
  • Daisy Hawker Wallace, Deputy Director & Head of PR at Avanti West Coast
  • Daisy Leaback, Senior Account Director at Threepipe Reply 
  • Andrew Marcus, Head of Communications at the Museum of London 


For more highlights and top tips from the discussion, feel free to view here:

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