The Future of the EU Post Brexit: webinar highlights

Highlights from our panel event on The Future of the EU Post Brexit?

Hanson Search hosted a webinar on 31st March 2021 to discuss "The Future of the EU Post Brexit" bringing a panel of industry experts discussing some important topics arising (or accelerating) as a consequence of Brexit. It's been a long and complicated road since the first talks of Brexit started in 2017 and fast forward four years later we have started 2021 with Brexit in full swing. There are no doubts that this historic event has brought about changes, uncertainties and lots of conversations which is why we thought it would be a great idea to bring together four industry experts to give us their insights into some important points.

We will also be following up on this discussion later in the year to see how things have changed as the year (and Brexit) develops. 

Janie Emmerson, Managing Director UK & Europe and Barbara Ozanon, Managing Consultant and Head of Europe at Hanson Search co-chaired the event, featuring:

  • Dr. Agnes Brandt, Associate Director, Incisive Health
  • Andrew McCall, Vice President, Government and Community Relations, Ford Motor Company
  • Paul Maeser, Senior Manager, BDI - Federation of German Industries
  • Alan Hardacre, Director of Public Affairs, CropLife Europe


Topics that were up for discussion:

  • How is the EU responding to response to Covid and what we can learn from it?
  • What are the impacts on trade relations and how is it affecting the trade sector?
  • How do we strengthen Europe's positioning on the global scene?
  • What changes can we see in the approach to Public Affairs now that the leadership landscape of Europe is changing?
  • How companies need to adapt their EU-UK Public Affairs structures and agendas? 

For more highlights and insights from the discussion, you can watch the webinar back here:

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