"If Culture eats Strategy for breakfast", is Purpose the key ingredient for lunch and dinner?

This event will explore the seemingly ever-increasing list of priorities for leaders in 2024 and beyond and the skills and behaviors now required from them in today's dynamic business world. 

Topics covered will include: 

• What “talent” do we now look for in our leaders and how has this changed in the last few years?   
• How do Purpose, Culture, and Ethics work together and what is the role of ESG? 
• How is the role and importance of stakeholders changing? 
• How much does this all still matter in a slower and more challenging economy? 
• How can leaders, and specifically C-suite best embrace these challenges and utilise change to deliver better business? 

Date: Wednesday, 17th January, 8.30 am
Location: The Ivy Club, 9 West St, London WC2H 9NE
RSVP: hello@theworkcrowd.com
This event will be hosted with The Work Crowd and The PRCA

Amanda Powell-Smith - CEO of Forster Communications, an award-winning B Corp Sustainability Communications agency. 
Amanda is a leading strategic advisor at the forefront of sustainability communications, working with multinational businesses, foundations and NGOs to tackle climate change, drive social justice and improve lives.  

Sarah Howe –Advisor, helping organisations transform & be better. Sarah works with boards to advise on transformation, culture change, ED&I, sustainability, and corporate communications internationally. She is also Chair of GB Surfing’s ED&I Advisory Group and a Senior Advisor at Principia, the leading advisor on organisational ethics.

Sophie Brooks – Founder of Fit for Purpose, an Oxford-based, B Corp-certified sustainability consultancy. Fit for purpose, works with boards and businesses practical tools and objective counsel to help them identify, demonstrate, and communicate their purpose, through operational and behaviour change programs as well as impactful sustainability initiatives and stakeholder engagement.

Katie Simpson – Managing Director: Global Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Hanson Search. With a background in communications, working with brands such as Sony, GSK, EA, BT & Microsoft. Katie now leads global search campaigns for Hanson Search a global headhunting and talent advisory service. 

Madeleine Weightman – Co-Founder of The Work Crowd.
The Work Crowd is a global network of trusted, pre-approved independent consultants, advisors, and freelancers, working across the Marketing, Communications, and PR mix. Our award-winning digital marketplace and freelance management platform matches and connects businesses to the talent they need when they need it. 

Limited seats available! RSVP to secure your spot here.

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