2016 Career Trends to Watch

2016 is your year! Make career advancement a reality by keeping on top of emerging trends in the industry and knowing which skills and attributes are most sought after by clients and hiring managers. The most competitive candidates in 2016 will be the ones who can collaborate and work across integrated teams, who are flexible and open to learning new skills, and who are empowered to drive their own career progression in the rapidly changing, data-driven industries in which we work. Read on for all of the 2016 career trends to watch, from our expert consultants. Flexibility & Collaboration In 2016, clients will be looking for people who can go beyond their expertise – who are open to collaborating and working across teams. This requires an understanding and interest in the wider business objectives. An eagerness and flexibility to learn, a broad skill set, and an ability to push creative boundaries will get you far. Increasing Salaries As briefs start to come in more consistently, there will be a greater demand for talent, which will mean more opportunities and invariably higher salaries. If you’re looking for a good time to make a career move, the beginning of 2016 might be that time. Although we advise moving for the opportunity as a whole, not just a higher salary. Content: Quality over Quantity Content quality will be the major focus of 2016. New algorithms will have a strong influence on SEO, organic website ranking, and therefore the way content is planned. Marketers will need to think about all the reasons WHY consumers are searching for something instead of WHAT they are searching for, to ensure they are creating high-quality, valuable content. The impact of these new algorithms on content marketing will be huge. Clients will be looking for content marketing and content production experts this year so top up your training in these areas to make yourself more competitive in the growing digital marketing space. Insights & Analytics With the continuing advancement of technology and the ability to track, monitor and analyse consumer activity, businesses are investing more in research and on demonstrating ROI. Candidates must demonstrate an understanding of the value of data and analytics for their role. They can no longer hide behind the digital or market research team. Candidates must upskill to get a handle on data and analytics, and this should be incorporated into 2016 strategic plans. Cultural Fit Cultural fit is a top priority for businesses looking to retain talented people. This pursuit has been backed up by numerous ‘buzz words’ in the market – collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The better the cultural match between a candidate and business, the longer the working relationship will last and the more fruitful it will be. When preparing for an interview or researching a company, be sure to look into more than just the business objectives, look at the culture and try to gauge if, how, and where you could fit into it. Need Help with your Career Advancement Strategy? In March 2016, we are launching monthly Career Catalyst Open Days at our London HQ. If you want expert advice on how to get ahead in your career, improve your CV, prepare for an interview, negotiate a salary increase, and more, sign up for our newsletter for all the details.

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